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December 31, 2003The state fire marshall came out today to check things out for our foster care license. Everything was okay but he wanted me to tighten the hinges on the garage door since it is a fire door and automatically shuts.

So I had spent the morning cleaning for the inspection.

Normal evening for the kids as they all went to bed at normal time. Tali and I stayed up and watched "Finding Nemo." We didn't try to stay up until midnight but it turned out as we were laying down to sleep saying prayers before bed, the clock had turned past midnight and it was 2004.  


December 30, 2003Took down all the Christmas stuff today. It was time. The kids didn't like to see the stockings go. Tovin had finally gotten the idea that inside stockings he got good things to eat or play with so he was checking it almost as much as Jeremy. Tovin wouldn't just check his but after he found nothing in his he would reach for the others as well.

We put the Christmas tree out on the deck with the stand. It was a good tree and it survived the entire season.  


December 29, 2003Laundry day and back into the schedule for a short week. I made some goulash for dinner and everyone really enjoyed it. I think that is the one meal that I can make and all the kids eat very good.

Tali had an OB patient come in who was going to have a baby. So she had to stay in house and we decided to go in and have supper with her. It was a good meal and we ate and then headed home. Tali ended up getting home around midnight after the baby was born. It was a very good delivery and she had a hard time winding down after it was over.  


December 28, 2003We packed up before we left for church and then went from Wolf Lake to Pat and Arlan's for a late Christmas dinner celebration. Davin and Jen did the same thing. It was nice visiting at the Ervasti's and eating the wonderful meal that Pat had prepared. Paul and Caroline were up from North Carolina and Paul was still on leave from the military. He will return to Iraq later in January.

We had an okay drive home and cut off a lot of time since we left from Pat and Arlan's instead of going back to Rose Lake. Had lots of unpacking to do when we got home.  


December 27, 2003Had an okay day today. We had stayed up late last night talking. Tali slept-in this morning and I was up early with the little ones. I like to get up early but then I resent Tali sleeping in late and me having to feed and dress everyone for the day. Anyway that set the tone a bit for the day I think.

Very warm outside with snow melting off roof. We tried ice skating but it was no good because our blades would sink into the ice. So Jeremy and I cleared off an area anyway and there was lots of water on top of the ice. Jeremy got very wet from falling on ice into the puddles. The warm temps were good for building snowmen. Jeremy and I built a very tall one that we decided to transform into a rocket which looked really good. I went in while Jeremy put some finishing touches on it. It later fell down due to warm temps but it looked good for a while.

Dorothy and Paul Soumala came over for a visit along with their son-in-law David. Later Elmer, Miriam and Eno stopped by. Had a…


December 26, 2003Happy 10th Birthday Jeremy!

Tali and I stayed up late last night taking down Christmas decorations and putting up Birthday decorations. Everything looked very festive for him when he woke up. Chris, Sarah, and Veronica were able to make it up to celebrate with us. We had a pancake buffet with toppings of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, whipped cream, and regular syrup. It was very good and even Veronica who hadn't been eating well, ate a lot.

We sang happy birthday and your something special before he blew out the candles on his angel food cake with powder sugar frosting. He then opened his gifts and got a new winter jacket from us and a dinosaur excavation project from Sarah and Chris. It was a nice time.

We packed things up and headed to Rose Lake. We arrived in the afternoon and enjoyed the rest of the day there. It was very mild temperatures and then had just a little more snow than we did but not much. We opened all the Christmas and birthday gifts that …


December 25, 2018Tali was able to get home rather early so we opened gifts in the morning. We all got lots of nice stuff. In the afternoon we went to Cold Spring to visit Mr. Minnick in the nursing home. We wheeled him around and looked at different things. Lot of visitors today. We took the rest of the day easy and had advent and the reading of the Christmas story in the evening. It was a nice day.

We sent out about 80-90 Christmas cards this year. Below is what we wrote:

Christmas Greetings 2003!

As you can see we've had another addition to our family. In April we welcomed Jana Vesta. She will be officially adopted when all the paperwork and court proceedings are finished. Jana is 8 months old and working hard to keep up with her big brothers.

Tovin is now 18 months old and running all over -very busy little guy. He had surgery to correct his urinary reflux in September. It wasn't a fun time but hopefully now things are taken care of.

Jeremy is almost 10 and is in the 4th grade a…


December 24, 2003
We stopped by social services yesterday as they had a present for Jana since she was still technically in foster care. They had a bunch of bags to pick from and the worker helped us find one for a girl under 5 years. The stuff in it was practical things and some coloring items. It did have a baby doll in it that Tovin has been carrying around. It has a pacifier that he likes to manipulate and it is fun to watch. He has also been putting Tupperware dishes on his head and the dogs.

Tali is on in-house call today and tonight. We stayed at home and had a normal day pretty much. For supper we all got dressed up and went to the hospital for supper. Jeremy and Tovin wore their new Christmas sweaters and Jana wore her new first Christmas outfit. We had a good meal and then the kids opened one gift. They all got new pajamas to sleep in tonight. Jeremy also got some socks and underwear in his. We dressed them in their pajamas and headed home around 7:30.

After the kids were in be…