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New York Trip Week 2

  Sunday: This morning I got up and got ready very quickly so that I could leave for church with Kim and Sean at 8:15 am. The church service was nice, although much faster than I expected, and it was only about 30 or 45 minutes long. After church, we stopped at Freedom Farm to get some fresh milk, and then back to camp where I had a meeting with Kevin at noon about his vision for my position. After our meeting, I went and had lunch with Kim and Sean, and then worked on my laptop until 6 pm, when I went swimming with Jack and Elias and a friend of theirs, Noah. After swimming, I went and got changed, then prepared to greet the bus with the rest of the summer staff. Once they arrived, they had to get settled into their cabins, and then we had pizza for dinner with a few ice breakers and then played some volleyball. We then went to a staff meeting to talk a bit about expectations for the week, and then had a campfire with some songs and talking before bed.   Monday: I slept pretty poorly,

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