November 10, 2019 College Church This morning we got to sleep in, as the church that my roommates go to (Thomas Road) had multiple services, and they go to the 11am service. We left the dorms around 10:30am, with 7 of us cramming into a 5 passenger car (two in the trunk). We drove over to the church, and the service was really great. Half way through, the pastor's mic went out (and this was in a mega church), and so the pastor just yelled for the rest of the sermon. Then afterwards, we all went back and went to lunch together, before having to say goodbye to Mark and Hailey, as they both flew back then. For the rest of the afternoon I just hung out with people and worked on stuff on my computer, before trying to go to bed early, as I have to fly out at 5:11am in the morning. 


November 09, 2019 Rend Collective  This morning I slept in a little bit later than before, and then went and got breakfast. Because it's Saturday, none of the students had class, and some of them were gone for the weekend. I had breakfast with one of the friend's I made, Aiden, and then two of his friends joined us as well before we all went to another concert, this one similar to the one the night before except with a full choir (170 people maybe) as well as a full orchestra. It was an amazing concert, and then afterwards, I went back to the dorm to grab my computer, before going to the cafeteria with my friend Mark. We had food and talked about the Bible for awhile, and then I sat and did devotions while eating for about an hour before Hailey came and joined me. We went back to the dorms common area around 5, and worked on more homework, and then a bunch of us met up to go to the Rend Collective concert at 7pm. The stadium was literally right across the sidewalk from the dorm…


November 08, 2019 Visiting Classes Today was a little special, as we got to go sit in on classes that were related to our interested majors. I got up at 7 and met a friend I made last night and we went and got breakfast together, and then went to a music theory class that I was interested in. Afterwards, we met up with another friend, and went and had second breakfast before going to Convocation. It was really good, with a special message about helping the least of these. Afterwards, we went to lunch, and then I went to a guided tour of the music building. Afterwards, I took about a 15 minute break, before heading to my music audition, which would determine my eligibility for certain music scholarships and grants. The audition was very laid back, and they just asked me a bunch of theory and chord questions, and then asked me to play for awhile, and followed that up with some theology questions. Then they prayed with me before asking me to fill out some paperwork and sending me on my wa…


November 07, 2019 First Day of CFAW
This morning I woke up at 6:30 am with my roommate (Andrés) to get up and go watch the sunrise. Technically, CFAW (College For A Weekend- the event I was attending) did not start until 3pm, so I had all morning to chill. After Andres and I finished watching the sunrise, I went back to the dorm where I took a shower and got cleaned up, and then went to the library to work on my homework. I got almost all of it done, and then went to the cafeteria with Hailey (my friend from California) to get lunch. We had lunch together, and then went and worked on homework until 2:30, when it was time to go check in as a CFAW student. There were 1500+ CFAW students arriving throughout the day, so it was quite busy there. We had already checked in the day before, so we just had to be there to confirm we attended. Afterwards, I went up to the Liberty Tower and hung out there for awhile, then went to dinner with another friend I had met yesterday. Afterwards, we ran ba…


November 06, 2019 Traveling Day  Although I had my alarm set for 4am this morning, I ended up waking up at 3:30 anyway, which really annoyed me. Once my alarm finally went off at 4, I got up out of bed, dressed and got cleaned up really quickly, and then Chris and I left the house around 4:20. He dropped me off at the airport in Terminal 1 for American Airlines. The TSA line was very short, so I hopped right in, and successfully got through after getting my toothpaste stolen by a grumpy old security guy. I made my way to the gate, and sat there until it started boarding. None of the restaurants were open yet, so I just skipped breakfast. We left the gate right on time, but then had about a 45 minute delay while they de-iced the plane wings. After they finished de-icing the plane, we took off, and got to enjoy a super beautiful sunrise over Minneapolis at 35 thousand feet. The plane arrived right on time somehow in Charlotte North Carolina, but the airport was extremely big, so by the t…


November 05, 2019 Heading to Virginia This morning I woke up at 6:45am to get showered and packed. I did all my laundry last night, so after my shower I went downstairs and put everything I needed into my suitcase. Dad, Tevia, and Jana were all gone by 8am, which is when Grandpa came to pick me up. I finished getting everything packed, went to the bathroom, and then Grandpa and I were on the road. He drove to Wadena, where we went and got breakfast at McDonalds, and then I drove from there. We stopped one more time in Clearwater, and then got on to the Interstate and made it to Chris and Sarah's by around 12:15. We had soup and sandwiches for lunch with Chris while he was on his lunch break, and then Grandpa left for home. Chris had to go back to work, and so I hung out upstairs and worked on homework until Sarah got home. Sarah got home around 4, and so I visited with her for about an hour until Chris got off work, and then we went out and had Thai for dinner. It was extremely goo…


June 29, 2019 Driving Home 
This morning I almost slept past my alarm, but instead forced myself to get out of bed and pack all my stuff. I brought it out to my car, and then everyone who was still at Tabor from FaithFront came and said goodbye and they all prayed for me and then I gave them all hugs and was really sad when I left. I got going around 7:30, and stopped once for a bathroom about 2 hours in, and then again for gas in-between Sioux City and Sioux Falls. Other than that, I drove the entire way through. It was a really long day, but I got to Grandpa and Nana's around 6, where Mom and Dad and Jana and Tevia and Jen and Davin and Jevin and Enavi and Grandpa and Nana were all just starting dinner. I ate with them, talked for awhile, and then went home and tried to figure out what exactly just happened over the past week.